We have to our Credit, the following productions:

  1. Dantata Town Developers Limited – Documentary and TV Commercials
  2. USAID – NEI Plus TV Documentaries and Dramas on Literacy
  3. USAID – NEI PLUS Classroom Videos and Teacher’s Guide
  4. AF & C Fertilizers – Documentary and TV Commercials
  5. Muhammad Sanusi II Royal Estate – Radio & TV Commercial
  6. Furniture House Abuja – Radio & TV Commercial
  7. The Seasons – TV Commercial
  8. Continuity Nigeria Documentary
  9. Goal 2 Success Stories Documentary by Mercy Corps
  10. I-Nigerian Documentary Series etc.


Broadcast Supplies & Installations

a. Platinum FM Keffi
b. Caliphate Radio Sokoto
c. Aluyagode FM Sokoto
d. Jalla Radio and TV Kano (Ongoing Project)
e. Jojo Radio and TV Abuja (Ongoing Project)